We come from Burlington, Ontario, Canada to make music and blog about it. This blog is run by us, the 5 individuals who are Silverstein (Shane, Paul, Billy, Josh & Paul Marc). 14 years together, 1400+ shows and a whole lot of memories.. we're just getting started. Check out our latest release, "This Is How The Wind Shifts : Addendum"

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Very cool!


Silverstein by Cardinals on Flickr.

Silverstein by Sandra Chen on Flickr.

Silverstein by Brandon Hambright on Flickr.

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Anonymous asked: Do you plan on releasing anything new in 2014 or the near future?

New stuff coming soon! We’ll be back in the studio later this year!

Anonymous asked: can you give some sort of hint to when your next album is coming out?

We’re going back to the studio for our new album at the end of this year so very soon!

Anonymous asked: Tbh. Not 2 long ago I was going 2 do something that would have been very bad 4 my health & my friend convinced me otherwise & told me 2 listen 2 music instead & recommended u guys. So, u kinda helped save me. & I just wanted 2 let u know. Ily guys.

So happy to hear you got through that, stay strong! Things do get better! Xo

jlbass13 asked: Is their a way how I can buy a band shirt from you guys? Silverstein is is my most favorite band and I would like to advertise that.

Yeah definitely! Go to http://store.bandmerch.com/silverstein/ to buy merch online and you can always get it at the shows! See you soon!