We come from Burlington, Ontario, Canada to make music and blog about it. This blog is run by us, the 5 individuals who are Silverstein (Shane, Paul, Billy, Josh & Paul Marc). 14 years together, 1400+ shows and a whole lot of memories.. we're just getting started. Check back for updates and expect some new stuff in 2015!

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Good times! (Photo by Jen Reightley)
If you haven’t already, go check out our Daytrotter.com session!
Guess who’s playing Riot Fest this year in Chacago!
Hey guys go vote for us for “Best International Band” at altpress.com/apmas !
Sometimes we fight but we still love each other (photo by danielshippey)


silverstein || FULL SET LIVE [HD] || Mesa, Arizona

Filmed by brianhaganmedia


Very cool!


Silverstein by Cardinals on Flickr.

Silverstein by Sandra Chen on Flickr.